Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sorry no pics this time. I am stranded in Bundaberg, due to some flooding that we have not experienced in years. Last week I took the long way home, Friday I detoured around 5 roads to get to Murgon and back. I travelled to Bundaberg for work, watched the rain radar and somehow I knew this would happen. I packed extra clothes for a change. What is a girl to do when they are short staffed at work and I am stuck in Bundy but volunteer for an extra shift, so instead of driving home tonight then back 2 days later for another shift , I will just do 2 in a row.
At least the shops were open this morning so I got a lot of Christmas food shopping finished. Now for the perishables on Tuesday after work and I will be nearly ready. In all of this ABSOLUTELY NO SEWING has been done. Hope your weekend was better.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Electrician's visit

He may have been 5 days late in arriving, but he certainly got in and finished numerous small tasks for me. The small light above the sink has been installed. He pulled a 6 foot snake skin down from the ceiling cavity after installing the light. We knew the skin was there since 2007 so no panic buttons were pushed. This is the view from the floor looking upwards.

Here is a view of the kitchen area with the hot plate pulled out and for a temporary fix, I have a board from an old cupboard filling in the space. The microwave is now sitting on top of that. 2 new sets of power points at the end above the tiles means no more leads and power boards running across benches. The different amperage power point for the hot plate was moved over to the stove area. So guess what, MY STOVE IS FUNCTIONING albeit without the GAS.
I have temporarily moved the hot plate over nearby so we can use either the oven or the electric hot plate. I am off to BBQ's galore to source a regulator to fit so we can maybe use a small gas bottle if the switching over of the hot plate/oven annoys us. We are waiting to get the plumber/gasfitter when we install the shower.

Just to show you it is indeed on and working, I am cooking afternoon tea. Care to join me for some oven baked goodies ( the first out of this kitchen in 3.5 years) . Alas now I have to go shopping for some Christmas Baking stuff.
I think we are now nearly ready for Archie's return. But first there is some mustering for Craig to do and some paid work for me. It took me a little longer to get home last Sunday morning, but I was pleased I left Bundaberg at 7am. Mind you I was pretty darned tired when I did eventually get home. I had to try 3 different ways to get past 1 flooded causeway near Hivesville. Belinda got through it in the X Trail but my car was just too low and I certainly didn't want to flood it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Archie's Visit

Sounds good doesn't it. Archie is actually a cabinet maker who suggested he be allowed to do our cupboards for us.He paid us another visit as we had a problem with matching the existing laminate. So I seized the opportunity and while he was here remeasuring, we removed the half finished cabinet for a wall oven and moved the freestanding bench along to decrease the space as the stove will slide in there now. The splashback and rangehood will go above. In the background you can see the newly painted white wall of the dining area. By the state of the existing green boards one can assume that area was previously the wash up area. The large hole in the floorboards was also a giveaway to its previous function.We have now selected a different bench top colour and these will be recycled to the downstairs laundry area. A few hours later, I painted the recess with 2 undercoats, and moved in the stove. If you have lived without an oven for nearly a year, one can appreciate how excited we will be when the electrician comes and installs the power point. Then we wait to get the gas fitter so the top half will work. In the mean time we can use the existing hot plates until Archie comes back. The matter of the deleted laminex colour has probably been a blessing as we had a dilemma as to how to fill in the hole when we pulled out the hot plate. Since we now have new bench tops coming we don't have to worry.