Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Strippin' and Buildin'

I moved back onto the verandah using the old red table as a stepladder. I cannot quite reach the top safely but I can at least get about another metre stripped. I intend to go back around the house on all sides of the verandah. The above photo is 2 afternoon's work, but my time will be limited again as of next week.
This one is of the doorway into the old pantry now office, and the corner outside bedroom 2.

Great excitement, the long overdue builders ( thanks to a bicycle accident) are hard at work building the new front steps. We also now have the house sitting on half a dozen adjustable poles while 3 stumps are being replaced. Roll on an upstairs bathroom, of course that will happen when WINTER is over. The replacement hot water system still has not arrived. Luckily we have worked out how to get the dodgy one working, just long enough to wash your hair before the fan causes the heater to stop. When the plumber comes for that job, we are hoping they also install another wood heater given to us by some kind person from Bundaberg who has decided they do not need a wood heater there. Things are looking up, then when the downstairs room gets a new ceiling in place, the quilting frame might just move in. By then I will have lots of sanding to do, then painting so maybe the quilts might just have to wait a wee bit more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

C 's all fixed, I hope.

Well I can report that the camera is usable, the computer seems to be functioning better and the car, well after being told it was ready on Friday whilst travelling to Maroochydore, I arrived to find it still had the " original " problem. Another sensor replaced and it was going again on Monday. At this stage NO more warning lights have appeared on the dashboard. Looks like every modern car will need to be hooked up to a computer soon for diagnosis. Heaven help the RACQ mobile mechanics. I think one should invest in a towing company as it seems to be the way of the futuure.

I promised some pics didn't I. This is the last quilt I have finished. Note it is still in the quilting phase when this photo was snapped. It was displayed in the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition. A one block wonder from the books by Maxine Rosenthal. Now the QCWA Piecemakers wish to try this technique. They have aready been doing Stack and Whack so they should be able to handle this. Their fabric selection for their last stack and whack had a few problems, well you can't be short of fabric for this one.

I was supposed to attend patchwork in Mt Perry this week but alas down came some rain ( for which we were very grateful though) and I came down with my first cold in a couple of years, so did not make it. Very little paint stripping happened either but I did get some done.
This week will see very little paint stripping happening as work is on the agenda for 2 days and 2 nights. I get to sleep through the election day. I still can't understand why the electorate of Flynn did not score many "goodies" as some of the other marginal Labor held electorates did. Perhaps we had a very lazy local member. I never saw him personally in 3 years at any functions in Flynn I happened to be attending. Maybe I just don't go to the right places.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camera, Car and Computer Updates

What is it with all the C's??
I have been having camera problems, computer and car problems. I've managed to get my new computer looked at and discovered a faulty hard drive, now replaced under warranty. Today I ventured forth to load my camera software on it. I have been wanting to take some photoes of my paint stripping progress. The little piece of plastic that holds the batteries in place has broken on the camera so I have learnt to take one handed photoes quite well. I have at least achieved my goal of stripping around the house to a landmark point before we head off to the EKKA this weekend.This is the view of the front door after some paint removal.
This is what it once looked like, before I attacked it with a heat gun and grinder.

This is one of 5 verandah doors before paint removal.
Here is the front door plus to the right hand side view after stripping to the support beam.
This is the starting point for my return. I have not quite finished the 5th set of verandah doors.
The other c problem is the car. It is still awaiting parts at the dealership in Maroochydore. Hopefully they can sort out the problems and fix it.
Now I hope you understand why the quilting content is a bit lacking. I did manage to get 3 ready for the recent Bundy Quilters Exhibition. Will post a pic next time.