Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Painting Update

In July I started work on the hallway, large lounge room section, finishing with the small lounge section. Ceilings and walls. I filled all of the tongue and groove with No More Gaps weatherboard, approx. 27 tubes of the stuff. Taubmans Cotton Sheet colour for the ceiling, Taubmans Winterhaven for the walls, Bristol Exterior White for the door/window trims, and after much discussion and trial and error, Resene Ivanhoe colour for the arch trim. I wanted a darker Resene colour Cloud Burst but had to compromise( was going to dilute it down , and at the paint shop found the Ivanhoe colour which was nearly the same formula as my diluted Cloud Burst ) so decided to use Resene Ivanhoe for the Ivanhoe House. It is hard to get a decent photo of the whole area in one, please excuse the furniture in the background but I tried to work around it. I finished it all on September 30th, the flooring is booked for November 9th. The plumber, electrician have yet to come to shift the woodheater out (temporarily) and the TV cables currently come up through the floor and we will then direct them through the only double wall in the house interior.

View looking up at arches into hallway and small lounge area before painting. In this photo the hallway ceiling and walls were painted but not the door trims. I painted the smallest area first.
Before painting, the 2 replaced boards eaten by termites in the large lounge area. The flooring was eaten by termites here.

 The corner in large lounge area for the woodheater before painting. The red floor is being replaced.
 This should give you an idea of the size of the 3 rooms.
Unwashed walls/ceilings in small lounge area.
Unwashed front wall in small lounge area.
Side view of large lounge area showing new colour to the left of the doorway
Work in progress on arches.
View from kitchen doorway into lounge/hallway.
View from front door down hallway.
Finished view from kitchen area doorway. I have now rearranged the furniture in the small lounge area to hide the clutter. The quilt shelf rack is to go back on the wall yet.

View down hallway from kitchen doorway. The desk is no longer sitting out in the hallway either. I have purchased another quilt shelf rack for the hallway so I can hang a quilt there of course.
I have also managed to re home most of my quilting stuff to my downstairs quilting room.
In all of this we had great excitement when Levi Charles arrived on September 16th, our 4th grandchild. He is doing very well, and much loved by the family.
I have been sewing when I get a chance, but not as much as I would like. I will do another blog post shortly as to my sewing exploits as I set myself the painting goals for August and September. Now back to the dreaded ceiling out in the large eating area in the back section of the house. I am only 2 months behind in the stripping and sanding schedule. Have to keep setting the goals though.


heritagefutures said...

Can you contact me please regarding some of the corrugated iron on your property?
Dirk Spennemann

Narelle said...

Looking good ... can I book you up for my place next?