Monday, November 26, 2007

A Busy Life

As a member of the Mt Perry Quilters I attended our "annual shopping trip for Christmas" to various patchwork shops. We travelled to Maryborough and Hervey Bay in Queensland for our top up of supplies. A great day was had by all and our bank accounts severely depleted. I have bought supplies for 2 new projects. We also purchased fabric for our charity raffle quilt we hope to make for 2008. I have just been too busy to sew lately.
I am teaching a free motion quilting workshop for these members Friday 30 November.
After hearing about the work that some long armers are producing in USA one feels sadly inadequate at this quilting stuff. We can only learn I suppose and dream about machines and what can be produced.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Workshop Update

I had a busy time teaching colour connectors to the Bundaberg group last Saturday 3 November. As usual I had 2 students ( both past school teachers) who had to deviate from the course. Hopefully their creations will inspire others. I got some new ideas from their efforts.
I went home feeling satisfied with the day but feeling a bit bereft as I had no sewing to show for the day. We learnt a lot about colour and I learnt a lot about how people can interpret spoken words differently.
One thing they all learnt was how to insert a narrow strip into anything.
Next project for me is finishing off my cherry blossom quilt. I am currently sewing seed beads onto it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Colour Connecting Workshop

I am teaching a Connecting with Colour Workshop in Bundaberg for my group The Bundaberg Quilters. I had hoped to have my quilt back from The Australian Quilt Show but this was not to be. Luckily I had some strips left over when making this quilt. They are still actually pinned to my de facto design wall, so I can take this as a demonstration model. I will have my collection of connector quilts anyway to hopefully inspire them.
I have been playing around with the dye pots again for the first time in 2 years. I have organised myself this time and have faithfully recorded all the dyes used, what amounts of dye and have made a laminated colour chart from all pieces. I will repeat this again with another 2 dyes of each primary colour. I seem to like 4 dyes of each red, yellow and blue.
I really felt like I had reached "home" when I was out measuring dye in cups on the verandah last week. It's been 2 years since I last had a really long dyeing stint. Now the challenge will be on to USE the fabric again.