Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Where did it go?

That is a very good question, where did the second half of 2016 go? I have had a few draft blog posts ready to go, waiting for some photos. Sat down today, added them, typed words to suit and hey presto, a wrong keystroke and they all disappeared. Tried to salvage it all, no good. So here we start again.

This photo is of the wharf at Euchuca, where we went for an early morning paddle steamer ride on the Murray River enroute to Ballarat in July. If you get the chance, do it. So noisy but peaceful cruising down the historic river.

The above photo was taken on a time out trip to Dalby with our youngest daughter. A freezing cold day in July saw us venture up the Bunya Mountains, in our parts ( on top of the world) Mind you , this was after I had travelled to Ballarat for my Working in a Series Class with Lisa Call.
This was my $15x15cm x 15cm piece that I donated for the MINDA auction. I was most impressed that Lisa Walton (one of my quilting heroes) bought this piece.
I have since continued working in a series, made up to 15 larger ones so far. This photo below is one  in progress.

Here are 3 from my series on display at the Bundaberg Quilter's Exhibition in August.
I was invited to make a piece of artwork for the Mundubbera Hospital Auxiliary Fine Art Auction. My mother had a slight accident with their car in their driveway and ended up spending a few nights there in late July, so I donated a "Mundubbera Landscape"
I personally think the buyer got a bargain, so I hope they like it as much as I do. It is a citrus landscape. Mundubbera is well known for it's citrus orchards and as one of them was my childhood home, I could not do something else.

 After a few dry months, Christmas was nearly upon us. We were drought declared, our plans for all of us to stay at the beach were looking dimmer. I had to work 5 shifts ending Wednesday 28th, and the weekend before Christmas we had Santa visit. This was a special Santa for the local pony clubbers, and our grandchildren were unaware a certain family member was "missing" whilst Santa was there. This is the only grandchild who sat still long enough for a photo. All of the others "took off" when he gave them their present. There was a reasonable amount of rain that evening as well which took some pressure off for Christmas, allowing a beach visit as planned so I could go to work from there.

On the house side of things, the top coat of paint in the dining area is still 11/12 unfinished.
I purchased this small side table in November. Sitting on top is the 15th quilt in my series awaiting quilting. On top of the quilt is my 3D piece I made for Quilting Arts at the Quilter's Rest. I have joined this small group so we shall see what I end up sewing in 2017.
I will try to be a better blogger, house painter, quilter, scientist, farm accounts manager, in 2017. My camera is playing up so may need a new one. We now have NBN with heaps more data allowance so soon I really will have no further excuses. Take care, seen too many tragedies of late. Catch you in 2017.