Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finally, a free weekend to Prepare for Fibre Arts Australia.

I found this post saved to Drafts :  The last 8 weeks seem to have passed in a blur. I visited Amby for the Springhill Craft Retreat Open Day, met some new family relations out there that we didn't even know about. Recognised Anzac Day at their service, then drove off to Longreach via Charleville to see some parts of Australia we had never seen before. Sure was dry, very heartbreaking to see, but now some of them have had some good rain. Hopefully the gaps are filling in now. Called into Taroom, for a family wedding. It was a wonderful day for a wedding. A good time was had by all who attended. One of our family members managed to get lost on the way home and saw more parts of Cracow than he cares to remember. Since then I have been busy catching up with work as I had to swap shifts so I could go away.
I have also been still busy planning my Working in A Series workshop in July. I have been continuing on with my Tracks Series. Still not sure if I am on the( pardon the pun), right track with my ideas of  a series for art quilts.

This is the third one that I have made for my abstract vineyard. It is amazing what seeing a photo can do for your appreciation of the colours. Maybe I need to make another, I have parallel rows that are found in a vineyard but now I realise that maybe this is more a lavender farm. I need more greenery above the grapes too!

I will return with a more comprehensive update of our trip to Ballarat and the workshop  in the next few days. I have had to wait as the paid job took precedence. Back soon.