Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Here at Last!

Every year I hang out for February to arrive. It is the last month of summer. I have always believed it is easier to keep warm, than cool down without air conditioners everywhere. The Australian Tennis Open finishes, the TV viewing may get better after the Christmas/New Year break, I may get a chance to not have to watch the cricket which seemed to dominate 2 free to air channels this summer. Our TV reception after the lightning bolt is still not what it used to be, making viewing a bit of a challenge. It is also birthday month in our house for both of us. We try to do something to recognise those special days. Even if it is just a day trip away together to somewhere we have not visited before.

  I have been busy trying to sew in the heat and humidity. I have now finished 2 strip pieced wall hangings. I used golds to dark orange colours in this one. This is both  of them hanging on my impromptu design wall.

This is the beginning of a beach inspired one. I have 2 more strips of aqua colour, then a series of gold strips cut ready  to stitch. I have used a different grey batik as the background for this one. I managed to source some more of my original grey fabric from Gympie in our travels last week. Not sure which grey I like best.
 A while ago, I added to the kickstarter funded Sondra Millard's book "Having a Meltdown" about Ice Dyeing. I think I'll have to wait awhile though before trying it here. Still a bit too hot I think for success. Maybe I might bring home a few of the sytrofoam boxes our reagents come in, at work, to use as cold incubators.
I also collected  this gadget up from the Post Office today, to ensure some ice, but seriously I think it is far too hot and humidity too high for much success yet. I have to find a few more supplies before I get started. The paid work is beckoning, so will have my enthusiasm curbed for a while.
We have managed to score some rain with some decent falls without deluges causing problems. Happy to see that many parts of Queensland have also had some rain and a mood of optimism may prevail.