Thursday, August 20, 2015

No Longer a Slacker

I was given an already cut out Judy Niemeyer Quilt to finish as the person knew she would never complete it. I have started foundation piecing. Each green star has 4 sections, 168 in total finished. Each blue ring has 4 sections, 120 in total and the centers are in 2 parts, 120 in total. Only 30 more centers to sew, then they have to be pieced into the arcs. There is a foundation pieced outer border as well. It is called a Mariners Star Quilt from around 2001. I might get it completed some time in 2016.
I have continued with the lounge/hallway painting. I have finished the 1 top coat on the ceiling in the larger section of the lounge. I used Taubman's Cotton Sheets colour. The hallway is ready for the walls to be painted and about half of its ceiling is painted. Am thinking of white for all the trims to match the white screen door frames.

 This is the next section to start on. The smaller part. I have washed, and filled the tongue and groove in the area immediately behind the platform.

This section of the house has not been washed in years. We bought Ivanhoe in 2007 and I have not washed the walls in here as I knew I would be sanding and making more dust.

It is hard to see in this photo, but I have 3 test colours on the wall. The left side is Taubmans Duck Egg Blue, a middle board is Taubmans Extra Extra and the right hand side is Taubmans Winterhaven. After much umming and aahing we are going to use the Winterhaven colour and I have decided to use the Duckegg Blue in the bathroom. ( When I get to that). The winterhaven colour is not quite as dirty looking as the existing colour.
In other news, the outside trestles were brought in from the neighbours 2 days ago. I have been waiting months and months after he promised he was finishing the rest of the house exterior. He being the man of this house. Now I have been informed, he has to borrow another plank from someone else. 2 planks are safer than 1. I will see if that takes 6 months to happen. I'm sure we'll be mowing around the grass in the trestles before they are used.
The Ekka has been and gone for another year, Bryan won the Treefelling Championship. The kids all enjoyed some time together at it, while I struggled through a block of shifts at work with a bad head cold. I visited it on the second Friday, I noticed the changes that they have made in the redevelopment of the grounds as I did not attend last year.
The quilts were good to look at, I caught up with the well known Queensland Quilter who purchased my little auction quilt in 2002 for their collection of quilts. I like her attitude," that when you are not seriously finishing quilts", you are spending your time "RESEARCHING" not procrastinating. With that I'll leave you until next time.