Monday, July 27, 2015

Have I really been so slack?

No excuses really for my lack of blogging, just being blog time poor. Between continuing the house sprucing for the new floors, and meeting all of my other commitments, I'm afraid speaking here has been at the lowest of my list.
The main bedroom is ready for it's new floor. The termites ate the original floor and we decided to place a covering over the rest as there are some gaps in the remaining sections. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer in winter.

 A similar story in the second bedroom.

We are after all a cattle grazing property and this is quite often the sight I see coming down our driveway in a cloud of dust. This was a more memorable event as it was our own heifers and steers coming home from their agistment paddock. Since we reluctantly moved away from Mt Perry in 2010, we have had some cattle on agistment up there. We were able to secure a paddock closer to our new home and after waiting weeks for the paperwork to be completed, we were finally able to bring them home and end our association with Mt Perry completely. This hopefully means a smoother running grazing business.

I have now turned my painting attention to the hallway and living areas of the house, ready for the next section of flooring. Maybe by December it might all be done. Do you find things happen when you set some achievable goals? If I pushed myself too hard it would never happen.

In amongst all of this I have done a Hand Embroidery workshop at Koala Conventions 2015 in Brisbane. A three dimensional fuschia with Annie from Room for Threads, it is a long process but I loved attempting the workshop. You can see a photo of her completed project on her website at Room for Threads. I think I need new glasses ( not my graduated lenses I usually wear for work). She asks her optometrists for lenses like surgeons need. The following weekend I was back at work for 5 shifts before I attended a 3 day workshop in Sydney for Professional Development for work.

I went hiking along the Pacific Highway at St Leonards for 2 hours before the workshop commenced. The clouds rolled in from the north changing the weather from bright sunshine to pouring rain in about 30 minutes. It was certainly a lot colder all day long with the wind chill factor but at least there was no frost.  I sat next to a scientist from Armidale who was missing out on seeing the snow falling at his home. He has been there for 5 years and is still waiting to see the snow fall.
The same weekend that I was in Sydney was the Bundaberg Quilters Competitive Quilt Show. I entered 2 quilts and got 2nd prize for each. My large Sunshine Rose Garden Quilt also received Viewer's Choice .I was disappointed that I had to miss seeing the show.
 The spare bedroom after the new floor was laid.
Our bedroom after the new floor was laid. I still have to organise for the Joinery guys to come back and re measure and adjust the screen doors for the new floor height. We are putting the same flooring down in the rest of the house when the painting is finished. During this time I also have to meet my goals for the Dining Area ceiling. I am getting a little bit behind schedule. I might take a day or two off though for some sewing, so I can show you more sewing photos in the future.