Sunday, June 7, 2015

Days too short.

We are now officially in winter, and yes right on cue June 1st saw a blast of cold weather. I took advantage of the warmer autumn months to commence painting our bedroom. We have decided to continue with the bamboo flooring to cover the remaining floors. We had originally thought carpet to cover the repaired termite eaten floorboards. I thought it would be a good idea to repaint the rooms before we put the flooring down. I had finished painting the spare bedroom and as we will do half the house at a time, it was our bedroom next for the paint brush. I washed, filled the cracks and started painting.

The fretwork came up nicely but you need 2 ladders to stop the paint runs on each side. The door has to be removed, stripped, sanded, and trimmed before the flooring can go down. It has a nice antique crackle showing its age. Not sure yet what colour to paint it.
Here are our built in cupboards undercoated. I have since painted the top cupboards the wall colour. Taubmans Tullah Belle, (same colour as downstairs) We have kept slightly to tradition using shades of pink and green that seemed so prevalent many years ago.
I have to reputty and repaint around the small glass panels. I am mulling as to whether to change the glass colours. As this does not need to be done before the flooring I will have time to ponder.
Life has certainly been busy, keeping up to all of our commitments, I have been working on Charlee's quilt, she is 20 weeks old next week, and could use it on the floor now. I finished the top a few weeks ago, decided to get over the fear of the long arm ( now that it is set up in its new location), I finally installed my Red Snappers, so loaded it on this morning.
A close up photo of the work in progress.

You can see I still have not finished the room set up yet.
6 hours later, not continuously quilting by the way, I have a few threads to tidy up and the binding to do. And it was not so scary after all. I had to re learn how to thread the machine properly before it would sew though. The back of the quilt is a rose print, it is Charlee Rose's quilt after all.

I have also started playing with some batiks again, and this is where I am at. Who knows what will happen next? Hope you're enjoying the busyness each day brings forth. I have made mine shorter as I am making certain that I go for a morning hike each day that I am home. My knees are thanking me for it and I feel so much better for it also. Hopefully I can show you more quilt stuff next time.