Thursday, January 1, 2015

Made it in time.

I made it in time, finishing my Christmas sewing the day before Christmas. I made a few soft toys, clothes and coloured cubes for the grandchildren and great niece. This is Rocky the rock lobster. He was actually quite fun to make. The coloured cube was very easy and a good way to use up some scraps. Mind you, the scrap pile is still very huge. My sister thinks I should have put a bell in the cube. I ran out of time to do that. Maybe next time.
I worked 4 shifts straight after Christmas and arrived home on New Years Eve. They talk about Emergency Departments can get busy at Christmas time. Tuesday night certainly showed that. I'm just pleased I was not there for New Years Eve. Hope it wasn't too bad for my work colleagues.

They made it in time, to get off the veranda before they wrecked it completely. The bearers have slipped away from the support beam in this section. It has been starting to sag at the top of the stairs for a while and I think they were all about to sit at the table when they heard a cracking noise. They were all up for the summer muster. Hope they want to come back again.

 Now it is time for some temporary repairs as our budget for this year  has gone on water infrastructure instead. The solar pumps are working wonderfully.
I drove in the gate to be greeted with this lovely view of the crepe myrtles. The rain came in time for them and they have responded in the only way they know how at this time of year. At least our garden has some mature trees after we lost one in the storm during the floods 2 years ago.

 I think they are just wonderful to look at from up on our veranda. (The safe parts to stand on.)
This is the view of the front trees. The bottle tree in the corner is really going ahead since we have lived here. Maybe it is getting more water now.
This is the view of the weaner paddock. 4 weeks ago this was quite close to bare dirt. The green panic grass is getting rather tall. We now have more weaners so just as well it rained for us. That was not quite "just in time" as I think about 25 old breeders left over, from the cattle numbers dispute, have perished during the drought. What is more work for us , of  the ones that are still alive, about 50% have lost their NLIS ear tags. Maybe the ear loses weight as well, or maybe they are foraging more in the trees and the tags  get knocked out. Will make it difficult doing a PIC reconciliation this year.
Today is New Years Day and I read somewhere that the activities that you do on that day, one should aim to do all year. Right, so I have been getting the existing sewing room ready for painting, This is the room underneath the house where the lady fell through the  floor above and wrecked the ceiling below. I have to undercoat the replacement ceiling, and obviously the previous owner replaced a wall panel as well.
At the same time I am also culling some stuff. I found a few storage bins with my hand dyed scraps and fabric in. After washing them I may get around to using them. I do intend to do some more fabric dyeing this year. So I think I have done fairly well today, had a much needed sleep, played around with fabric, did a bit of house reno work and the usual computer tasks. The cattle work is being done. So roll on 2015.
 We have only a short wait for the next grandchild now. Should be here by January's end. The first birthday party for the second one is next weekend, the grass is green again, so at this stage not looking too bad. Hope your New Year is off to a good start also.