Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Painting and Patchwork Progress

 Remember the laundry building, well the undercoating ceased due to the heat and a very sore right knee and work commitments. I will get back to it very shortly.

 We had a short visit from Belinda who was on some much needed Rec Leave from work and she was inspired by my painting efforts and wanted to join in. I gratefully accepted her painting wishes and she managed to get one top coat on two sides of the downstairs rooms. She was also assisted by Amanda and Emmerson who popped in for a visit. The crooked walls really stand out now, obviously when they closed it in downstairs, they never made sure of their measurements for the cement floor compared to the existing timber floor above.

This is the completed office walls and ceiling. I ran out of paint to finish the doors, but they are still under colour review so they may change colour yet. I am still patiently waiting for the cabinet maker to phone me with our installation day for the cupboards. The 3-4 weeks quoted has now finished, with no verbal update for a new date. It always amazes me how people can run businesses without keeping to their word or communicating to their clients. Maybe they should all work in emergency situations to understand the meaning of the word, Reliability.
This is an intriguing photo of our kitchen ceiling. The manhole cover is out, drying after being painted. The round hole is not a 2nd manhole but the broken ceiling rose has been removed and another  albeit solid one will be made to replace it. I think it will be in 2 parts as a certain someone does not wish to climb up through the real manhole to put it in place. The ceiling has been filled, in the grooves and painted. It is the same colour as the office ceiling even though it does look different here.
This is half the kitchen ceiling and the dining area ceiling to show you the difference. The dining area ceiling is in a sad state. It requires scraping, sanding, filling and painting.
 This is not all of it captured in this photo. There are 12 panels each about 8 feet by 2 feet in area. I think it will be prepared 1 area at a time. The kitchen ceiling is 11 feet high, and the dining ceiling slopes from 11feet down to 7 and a half feet high. I find it easier to paint a sloping ceiling than a flat one.

Yay, I have managed a little bit of sewing. This is my basket quilt hanging on my new quilt photography stand. I have another border to attach on this yet. I was placing the applique leaves here at Mt Perry a couple of weeks ago.
Just for something different, I had a visit from this colourful parrot. I usually only see the green lorikeets so found my camera and managed to sneak this photo.
No further rain to report but am seriously hoping the BOM's predictions are true for a change. They are saying storms in the next 2 days so here's hoping. We have had quite a few of the old cows die from mud bogging, general weakness and not being able to get up. The dams that are nearly dry have been desilted, and our emergency water system through the drought funding has now been installed and is working well at Brigooda so hopefully we can get through this drought and that it ends soon.