Saturday, May 24, 2014

The May Blurb

I might change the title to "The May Blur" and the month of May isn't finished yet. Between work, the house repairing and some social activities, the month has been flying past me.
I spent Mothers Day at Monto to celebrate Danielle's first Mothers Day with her. She was helping to stage Monto's First Mothers Day Classic for Breast Cancer. We walked the 5 km fun run and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit the early morning start was a bit brisk and a sleep was necessary afterwards. I then stayed the night and caught up with the Mt Perry girls at patchwork the next day. I actually did get some sewing done. I am still working on my blocks ( up to number 5 of 15) I will take some photos when I have a few more finished. The new Pfaff and Glide threads are working well together.
A few days later I travelled to Cooroy for a High Tea Luncheon at High Tea Licious along with some of my old class mates from Mundubbera and Gayndah School Days.

 This is where we caught up on all the gossip from many years. It was amazing as it does not seem like 40 years since we last sat in a classroom struggling over some lessons together. The guest speaker was Elaine Mergard who was the Home Economics Teacher for our years 9 and 10 classes who has recently retired as a milliner and now runs the hatacademy website.She even made hats for our former Governor General Quentin Bryce. That's why some of us are wearing hats. The venue is owned by one of OUR class mates, Jackie, who has always loved cooking and sewing and more recently retailing. We had over 110 varieties of tea to select from and the china and table settings are first class. The noise in the room from about 40 of us who all had Mundubbera connections was amazing.
Back to reality, I then did my 5 shifts in a row at work, finishing with my 2 night shifts. Oh boy, if the new copayment for bulk billed doctor's visits comes in in July 2015, we are going to be so much busier ( providing that Pathology Queensland still does the service ) as more people will end up in DEM instead of their GP. I will not enjoy night shifts then if we get any busier. There is only so much one person can handle at a time and I was certainly busy last week.
Back to the Ivanhoe house. In this photo you can see the laundry building under the tanks at the back. I have started the paint removal on it.

 I decided to use a flap disc on the angle grinder and started 2 weeks ago doing a few boards at a time as my shoulders get a bit sore.I have loaned my ladder to our tenant so he can work on our Brigooda house so have only done halfway up the wall. I think we'll be replacing the end door and lower boards as they are all pretty bad.

 Some good news on the power inlet to the house. The maintainence crews were out and noticed the 2 bare wires that fed the power into the house. The second wire used to hook onto that L bracket.These were supposed to be replaced 2 years ago but the crew did not show up to turn the power off when the other crew were here to do it. When I contacted Ergon and asked "when is it being rescheduled?" I got the usual fob off from their operators and nothing more was done. Until the pole/line maintainence crew saw it and someone was back within 3 days and the 2 bare wires are now 1 rubber coated cable. I have since been told the previous setup is now illegal, so no wonder they moved fast, especially as they would have noticed the paint stripped boards underneath.
Back to quilting, I have successfully repaired the tiny hole I cut into a compass point, and am visiting Lisa of Quick Quilts soon to baste it on her A1 machine. We`are going to use Glide Water Soluble thread then I am going to quilt it on my Pfaff Grand Quilter.Am hoping to finish it for the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition in August.

 No I haven't forgot the Nolting. I do turn it on and run it every few weeks. I have booked into the AMQF in October in the hope that I will be further inspired to learn how to use it better.
The other best event of May , so far, I now have my first grand niece or great  niece, either term will do. Annalise (already shortened to Anna) arrived 2 weeks early catching a few people by surprise. The family keeps growing. The other new arrivals are all doing well also. Nearly a year since the first one was born. Time certainly flies by.