Monday, March 10, 2014

End of February Updates

Gatakers Bay, Qld.
I visited my old favourite holiday spot in mid February when babysitting our grandson, Parker.
We went for a drive from Maryborough to Hervey Bay for some quality sleep time in the car. When I was young we visited this spot for our daily swim sessions and quite often launched the fishing boat here.
Gatakers Bay, Qld
 After arriving back in Maryborough, Parker detested the noise of the shopping centre and we ventured to Queens Park for some peace and quiet only to discover this noisy machine. Parker thought this was a bit more entertaining than the shopping centre.
Queens Park Maryborough, Qld
Life has been pretty much the same, no rain, work commitments and the usual struggle of business responsibilities and driving from here to there and back again. I have progressed no further on my Inner City UFO.
I happily finished the baby Owl Quilt, and handed it to the expectant Mum one whole day before she became a Mum. They welcomed a Baby Boy 9 days early, so I hope he doesn't mind sleeping under a small amount of pink.
I have found another UFO started about 9 years ago so it is currently being worked on.
Getting a bit dry, weather wise here, as we are now officially drought declared. 80% of Queensland is now drought declared. So we have started the process of destocking. I have checked out possible available assistance but at this stage we do not really qualify for any yet.
 The house renovations have ceased temporarily as I have been "driving". I have done a road trip to Brisbane to catch up with 2 old friends and then went north to Rockhampton to visit the family along the way. Hopefully it rains soon but the long term forecasts don't appear to be very positive so this coming winter might be very difficult to get through. Wait and see I suppose.