Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Late December, great excitement here at Ivanhoe

 I scored my Christmas present a few days early this Christmas.  I had been "joking" that all I wanted for Christmas this year was a gift voucher from each of the kids to help me with 6 hrs of painting. I went to work as usual on Monday the 23rd of December ( albeit reluctantly as I had been on antibiotics for an infection) expecting the kids to all be home the next day for Christmas. Not knowing that they were already in the district and ready to start undercoating the Ivanhoe walls for me. Craig had purchased 20 litres of paint, 6 new paint brushes and they started 30 mins after I drove out to Bundaberg. First step they did was wash the walls, a break for morning tea, then they started.

Apparently Danielle's photography is better than her painting skills.
Craig was still complaining of "chroming" the next day after this effort in the corner. I still cannot understand why he had to wear a near new work shirt that day and left it on.
 This is the completed northern veranda side, the old white cupboard has also been removed, a storm blew a door off it ages ago. Belinda said quite a few workplace health and safety rules were broken with ladder placements.
This is how the house looked when I drove in at 830pm that night. In my headlights I could see the walls were all white. I did dream fleetingly that they were top coated as well but no such luck. I have even found paint on plates and cups and quite a bit on the old veranda floor.

 I have since continued painting over Christmas and New Year working on the rails. I have since painted these large beams supporting the veranda also and have finished 1 top coat on 4 veranda panels.
After recuperating from working night shift during the heat last weekend I have managed to start top coating the walls. I cant work on the railings as storms are about. Scored 22 mls rain on Monday afternoon  so the grass is green again. This is the southern side. The colour is Taubman's silver blaze half strength and looks white against grey but grey against white. I really like how it looks against the unlined roof. I have been using No More Gaps Weatherboard to fill in the cracks. It  is the most flexible of those fillers apparently so we are hoping it lasts and does not crack out too much.

We had an enjoyable Christmas after the painting day. We celebrated together on Christmas Eve as Belinda had to work dayshift in Rockhampton for Boxing Day so had to travel back Christmas Day. She scored lunch with her grandparents in Mundubbera though on her way back. For the first time ever we had turkey  and a glazed ham. Glad I didn't have to cook that for a lunch as it was  hot enough  cooking it for tea.
 Parker's first Christmas was very special and he scored lots of toys. I did make him a shirt and shorts out of monster truck material. Oops forgot to take a photo but I think they will be his PJ's next summer. No news yet on the next grandchild, will be induced 3 days after the due date if it does not arrive before then. I am off to finish quilting the quilt as my neck is too sore after 2 days of filling and painting.