Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just too busy again, what's new???

Christmas is nearly here. Our patchwork group had an early start to the silly season. Even Belinda managed to attend, having an event to go to in Gin Gin the next day. This meant I managed to catch up with her 2 weekends in a row.
The following weekend was our Meyer/Meredith Family reunion event at the Mundubbera Bowls Club. Our crew travelled from Mackay, Rockhampton, Monto and Proston to attend. All of our Gayndah cousins had  a short trip up the road to attend.
The Mundubbera Bowling Club's rooftop was the only part visible in the floods in January and the volunteers have done a marvellous job restoring the building.
My grandfather Harry would have been so proud to see his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren playing bowls or just running amok on the greens.
Here is Belinda, her Uncle Greg and her father.
 Here is Danielle, Belinda and Parker, looks like Parker wanted to join the other kids.

 Here is me, actually bowling a bowl. The second time ever I have played. Sure did end up with some wonky bowls. The next day, my knee and thigh was a bit sore.
Here are my three girls. I still have not started quilting the baby quilt. I intend to start when I finish the current house goal.

Here is the second of the last three veranda panels to be sanded, primed and filled.

This is the view late Monday 9 December. I discovered it is not a good time to paint after about 9am in December. I started again at 5pm.

Tuesday 10th December saw me back out at 6am, to prime the second panel.
This is the next one, then the purchase of some trestles are in order to tackle the outside walls.
This is the last week I intend to work on the house until after Christmas and the New Year. Somewhere in this  I still have to work.
The baby quilt is beckoning. Will let you know when the baby arrives. Hope it's not too soon for my sake but I think Amanda is hoping sooner rather than later.