Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Ramblings and a Real Blast from the Past

 I currently have a small project on the go. My family have decided to have a family reunion. Not just my immediate family who are a bit spread out across Qld but the entire family of descendants of my 4 grandparents. I have started converting some old Kodak slides to digital with the aid of a nifty little gadget. I found this one of my sister at 2 weeks of age, she was not a very big baby as you can see by the size of my dad's hands. One of her kids has already commented that she has hardly ever seen any baby photos of her mother. Glad I have had the ability to change that for her.
 We shared the same 4 grandparents with one set of our cousins in that Mum's brother married Dad's sister so we did share quite a close bond with these 4 guys. Amazing that all 4 of them still live in the same town as their father. I am the shorter girl with you guessed it the pig tails. My brother is the smallest one in this photo. Yes, black sausage dogs were in the family then. Danielle now has one called Ebony.

 In August, I won 2 prizes with this quilt at the Bundaberg Competitive Quilt Show. I was quite excited to win the best domestic machine quilting prize. Not sure if my longarming will ever be that good. At this stage I am still too busy trying to get the house in order. I did also get a third place for my Japanese kaleidoscope quilt.

I spent the night during the show on guard duty with Patty. I'm sure we will volunteer to do it again next time.
 Back to the Ivanhoe house. We now have some screen doors, louvres , front gates and I have progressed some more on the sanding. But come to a bit of a halt but started working again on the next set of doors to screen.

 Love this view of the old house.
 Here is the next baby quilt in progress. I have now stitched it together, and pinned the next border on. Baby is due in January, so not much rush yet.
Had our big  Wagner mediation. Needless to say the Wagner family members involved have not endeared themselves to us and I doubt very much if they ever will. I am also certain the mediator probably didn't really like their attitude either. Some people just never learn that bullying will not make people care for them. I bought an orange bouganvillia bush to plant at our front gate. It is our liberation tree. On my drives to work I  drive past a few in old homestead paddocks and they are left after the houses have fallen down. I want it to be the legacy for Ivanhoe now that we are the custodians of this place for a short while. Back to work tomorrow night. Those 4 weeks roll around fast.