Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Update One

 I know it is slow progress, been a bit cold to be out working on the veranda but a few mild winter days happened  and I have finished painting the bottom front windows after re puttying the panes 2 weeks ago. The panel under the window is a test area of wall colour.
 I have painted 6 boards on the right hand side. I have finished the top of the stairs area, waiting now for the windows to arrive in 4 days time.
 This is the side door from the veranda and will have a screen door as well. So I decided in my spare time to finish the paint removal before they arrive to install the screens.
 Not sure what colour will be used here.

I found this photo taken of the accident scene in Rocky where Bindy was the treating officer. Three people were involved and thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

Some progress has been made on my latest quilt. Nearly finished and I am pleased to say I will meet the deadline. Seems like I need more deadlines to crop up. One did the other day and I am pleased to say I have ordered more fabric for another baby quilt. Life is certainly getting exciting.