Friday, June 7, 2013

May/June Update

I have ordered windows and screens to add to the house. The guy who came to measure kindly suggested it would be good if the painting was finished around the frames. So out has come the sander and paint brushes from storage. I removed the broken glass window that rattled in the wind from here, at the top of the back stairs. After 4 pots of sample colours, we have decided on a colour that we both like. This shows the previous colour and my undercoating in progress.

The boards at the top of the back stairs. The middle 6 boards were replaced some time ago, we have learnt that there was a small window that opened there. It was used as the money paying window when Ivanhoe was used as a Dance Hall for the people from Ivanhoe, Boondoooma and Old Proston Stations many years ago. If we look closely at the floorboards we can see, many dimples from high heel shoes.

 As well as replacing the window at the stairs, I have decided to replace these old double hung windows with modern louvres. So I have started removing the existing paint ( or what is left of it)
 There are 3 sets of windows to be replaced.

 At the top of the stairs, under the wall and window wall currently are some kind of lino tiles. I went browsing in a flooring shop last week and this is what I discovered. Tiles that look like timber. I have selected the colour of the middle tile with the non slip features of the 2 right hand side tiles. These are 935mm long by 235 mm wide so I need 6 tiles to cover the area. The colour in the tile looks just like red soil scuff marks. I am sure the dog's footprints will blend in well.
 The other big news of the week, the grandbaby arrived , a  not so small boy. Here is a bit blurry photo of grandpa and grandson.
This is Dad and baby not more than 2 hours old. All are doing very well.
 The other news of the week. Aunty Bindy came for a visit and we ended up taking a car for a test drive, and wow she moves fast when she wants to. Bought it and drove back home 2 days later in it. A Ford Kuga Trend 1.6 L turbo petrol for the technocrats.
It was a bit sad to say goodbye to the Xtrail, parked unlovingly in the centre of the street. It's been part of the family for 12 years so I suppose it had to go before it cost us too much more. So been a bit busy this last few weeks, but guess what, I have still managed to do a bit of sewing, but a long way to go on the 2 current projects before they are finished.