Sunday, May 19, 2013

April / May Happenings

 Back in October 2012, we learned we were going to be grandparents for the first time. A photo was happily taken of the pre baby tummies comparing the two. Move onto April and the baby Shower was held at Monto. These girls certainly know how to entertain.

 Here is Lucy, the amazing flood survivor, it certainly was wonderful just to give her a huge hug, and two new brides who we celebrated with at their weddings at the end of last year. Who knows, we may have lots more baby showers to attend soon.
 An amazing arrangement of food for everybody. The plastic tablecloth would be stunning as a modern quilt.  Speaking of quilts, I have finished my Grandbaby floor quilt in time for the due date.

Unfortuantely not all my girls could be together at the Baby Shower as this new graduate had to work. She is enjoying her new career as a Graduate paramedic at Rockhampton. Sadly she has already been verbally abused by some of her intoxicated patients, but she took it in her stride. It is certainly a sad reflection of today's society that there is a group of people who think they can verbally and physically abuse our emergency workers.
 I managed to attend the Childers Show and Tell day in April. This is the pile of quilts that were brought along and shown for the day.
 We have also had good news on the property front, receiving a grant to repair our flood damage.

 I also went along to the Mundubbera Lemon Jo's retreat dinner, co-ordinated by my sister. Unfortunately one of their member's husband's hand required surgery that evening so my sister had to provide all of the entertainment on  her own. I won one of the Quilters Bingo games, amazing as I never seem to win a thing.

Will keep you informed, 2 weeks to go to the baby's due date. Got to do 2 night shifts, finish the weaning, take someone in for a spot of knee surgery, work on a quilt for the Bundaberg Quilt Show in August, and continue the house renovations all before a baby.Danielle do you think you can stay pregnant a bit longer? Waiting on a quote for some new windows, screens and door screens and that means I have to paint the frames etc. The winter winds have arrived sending me into a SAD state. I seem to notice the winds here more in this draughty old house. Thank goodness I am married to a woodchopper. I did suggest we needed a third woodheater but I did not receive a reasonable response. Roll on spring is all I can say. Catch you next time.