Friday, April 5, 2013


 Due to flood damage on my usual route to work, I have been taking the shortest detour around  Barambah Creek at Marshlands, using the Webbers Bridge via Wooroonden. This adds about 6 kms to my trip. A low level wooden bridge which goes under by a huge amount in flood times. If you have driven over the Barambah Ck near Gayndah in flood times, one can imagine how high the water is here.     
In this photo you can see the height of the debris in the tree.
I can happily report that the flood damage on the other road has been repaired and I will only need to use this road if the same event happens again.

Progress on another aspect, the kitten has grown into a dog cat, she plays with the dogs to the extent we believe she thinks she is a dog. The plants are starting to grow into a reasonable hedge. I would like them to become a dust collector from the driveway but I think I'd need a few more rows of them.
The baby quilt is nearing completion, but will have to wait as it is Graduation Day at Sunshine Coast University and we have to attend to watch Belinda graduate. Amazing to think that she was told in year 9 that she would never achieve an OP let alone a University Education and here she is now in the QAS as a graduate advanced care paramedic. Her  dream is to visit Gin Gin High School wearing her uniform and showing the teacher concerned, just what she has achieved in life. All she needed was people to believe in her as well as her belief in herself. Well done, Belinda.