Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunshine and Roses

After 3 days of cold, dreary weather, I needed a bit of cheering and warming up. Here's the progress on my latest mammoth project. The Sunshine and Roses quilt by Kathy Nakajima. Am now waiting on a delivery
of Superior Silk Threads to arrive before continuing with the applique.
This is the centre compass, with 6 of the applique sections surrounding it finished.

This is actually the second of the 8 sashing pieces finished. I am still tidying up the threads on the back. I thought self threading needles would work well. 100wt silk thread and self threading needles do not like each other in my hands. Only 6 more sashing sections, then a huge outer border to add. I have quickly dismissed any thoughts of having this finished for the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition in August this year.

This is a geranium growing under our front steps. Hopefully Patty is going to show me how to transfer this image to fabric at patchwork this Friday. I have 3 photos like this to practise my free motion quilting on. This is a very sentimental bush as it came from my grandmother, and she passed away 24 yrs ago on June 6th.