Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers in the City

Flowers in the City Quilt from 1994. It is from the Inner City pattern but worked using strip piecing and colourwash. This is going to be the QCWA Piecemakers workshop at Yeppoon in Jan 2012. I need a long lead in time these days.

I have decided to rework it in a collection of batik and hand dyed fabrics. I ordered these from Erica's Craft and Sewing in USA on 8 May and happy to report they arrived in my dusty roadside letterbox within 10 days.
I also have about 10 other pieces I have collected over the last few weeks. Now I must organise a dyeing day soon, before it gets too cold. The list of things to do is starting to grow. I have bought some second hand pattern boards and pop up stylus from a long armer and these need to be fitted, Patty loaded us up with small projects for the Mt Perry Art Exhibition, quilts to be made for the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition and our own Mt Perry Quilt Exhibition in the art gallery in September. Patty and I are also off to the Australian Machine Quilting Festival at end of September. When am I going to keep renovating the paintwork here?????? We just may also have found a builder who is willing to tackle our termite eaten floors, I was also told that we might just shift my quilting machine into the larger room downstairs. I don't really think HE knows exactly what that involves yet!