Friday, August 19, 2011

Dye Painting and Quilting

It has been a while since I last found time to blog. Not that I have been standing still until this last week. A viral illness has forced me to slow down for a few days.
A visit to the Ekka in Brisbane was not the most enjoyable due to some kind of virus. Left me a bit drowsy and with very little energy to fight the crowds etc.
Once home though I had some time off from work which enabled me to do " my things".

This is my very first dye painting effort. Considering I have hardly ever painted pictures before, I thought my effort was not too bad. I have moved onto the quilting phase. It certainly adds texture to the picture.

I have also prepared a sample chart of dye colours, found an Australian Supplier of Print Paste
and generally am prepared for my teaching workshop of dye painting in September at Proston. Now I must get the house in order. Got my new ladders to reach up to the top of the veranda and have slowly started on the paint stripping again. That is until this last week. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can get back to a day of that every now and then.