Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Window Renovations

These are the old red cedar framed windows along the back wall. All of the frames are rotted around the rollers and consequently they do not slide. Gales blow in from the west during winter. We made the decision to replace. Cost of timber framed is approx 3 times the price of aluminium, the glass is very old with an unmatchable pattern, so clear glass was chosen. We also wanted a view of the cattle yards from the house.
I spent 2 days removing the rest of the paint from the awning frame ( that I could reach without a ladder ) so the view was not only of peeling paint.

The window men came and quickly removed the windows and the beading strip that held the back 2 in place, they marched up the stairs with a long white frame with 2 fixed panels of glass and 5 mins later it was all installed. A quick trip to town for lunch and a visit to the hardware store as they had torn the flyscreen in transit from Kingaroy ( things like that DO happen to other people and not just us) and the rest of the panels were in place.

The view from outside. It is gray glass to lessen the impact of the summer heat (I hope).

The awning support is a bit in the road but eventually I'd like a deck with a new roof so that would go. Time to save some money for that, the holes in the floor have to be fixed before that happens.
If you are feeling sad for the old windows, do not despair, they are going to an old house currently under renovation at Goomeri. The woodheater installer found out they were going and wanted them. We had met him prior to the woodheater installation and we know they will be restored by him.

Sewing wise, I am nearly finished a UFO cross stitch, went to the Textile Fair in Brisbane, and am currently organising an Australia supplier of print paste equivalent for my dye painting workshop. Can't do any dye painting until the temperature warms up. Bring on September.
When I have some more spare time, I might get to quilt one of my first efforts.