Friday, October 15, 2010

Where have the months Gone????

Good question, I did receive a bit of a shock when I saw the date of the last posting. We have been a bit busy with a few large logistical problems which we hope we have now overcome.
I have also joined the ranks of the mobile broadband mob so can blog when in Bundy before work and when I'm supposed to be resting . I can't see the fixed fibre cable being of much use to me, but I suppose I will have to pay a huge portion of the cost.
I have not been doing much sewing lately but hope to be able to start again soon. the house renovations are slowly moving along. I have nearly finished moving the rest of the furniture in. Have been waiting for an ex neighbour to come and collect some of her stuff so I can finally sort out a sewing room. Went to patchwork in Mt P and caught up with them all.
Hope to back there again on Nov 3, see you then.