Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the "real" world

I'm happy to report that finally we have the internet connected at last. Now I can start showing you some of the things I have been doing instead of sewing. But once again you will have to wait until I upload some of the photos. Mainly been doing a bit of stripping lately.
Hold on you say? No it's not the clothes removal, nor the patchwork version but indeed a bit of paint ( lots of flaky stuff) removal.
Stay tuned I will get organisd next week.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Notes

No I have not disappeared from this planet, we have been experiencing some turmoil in our lives due to a set of controlling aged parents. My husband has decided that he is old enough at 51 to not be kept held to ransom by greedy ageing parents any longer. Anybody who has experienced the non communicating that happens in trying to keep a farm together for the family will understand what we are saying.
As a result we are in the process of shifting house, business, cattle and possessions. It is compounded by the fact that 2 internet providers have so far failed to be of much assistance.
I hope to be back to "normality" by about July 2010. Then I may be able to start doing some beloved sewing again instead of house renovations so as not to freeze come winter. See you then if not before.