Monday, January 18, 2010

January Jottings

Time has certainly whizzed by since I last posted a report. Christmas and New Year has been and here we are over half way through January 2010. We did a bit of relaxing in the rain over Christmas and New Year spending most of the time over at the new farm. Lucky for us there is a huge dam nearby and thanks to a niece, we spent some time water skiing and tubing. New Year saw us all have a quiet time in various places. I think only 2 of the family were in the same place.
There has been 2 deaths of people from Monto since New Year affecting our eldest daughter greatly ( both people were sudden) one a result of a traffic accident, and who's loss will be felt greatly by all of the community. Danielle needs a bit of extra support to assist her in her job to help her pupils get through this tough time.
We caught up with the family from Mackay and had the boys visit for a few days. They loved the train trip back to Mackay. The Sunlander certainly is a grand old girl. Only 1 and a half hours late into Mackay from Bundaberg.
The glamorous girl featured in the last post has received her results and did well for her efforts. She has been accepted into Sunshine Coast University to study Bachelor of Paramedics. Already her grandfather is worrying about her and the effects of traumas on her pysche.
I have been working on my Sunshine and Roses quilt from QNM Cover Series patterns. Wow I have 1 compass with 64 outer points completed. Only 8 to go. Thinking of retiring when I finish it. The applique will be the challenge.
I have nearly finished the class preparation ( very interrupted this year) for Coolwaters Retreat at Yeppoon for QCWA Piecemakers. I think I have managed to remember everything.
I have just finished 2 nights and 2 lates at work and am beginning to enjoy working the late shifts. On day shifts for the rest of the week and due to some unpleasant colleagues attitudes to work not really looking forward to them.
I also plan to re organise my class lists of classes that I teach and add a few different ones.
Big events are coming up this year for me so I must prepare for a lot of changes. The first one will be the youngest leaving home for uni and that's not too far away.

This is the view of the verandah where I have spent a lot of time removing the last bits of paint. A long way to go yet. There are only 11 sections like this one. All of the floor boards need replacing as well but we are trying to preserve most of the railings. Looks like I'll be painting more than sewing this year.