Monday, December 14, 2009

December Welcome

In my last post I mentioned altering a grad dress. Here's the gorgeous girl who received lots of compliments. She had a wonderful time and holiday at the beach. Now she is waiting for her school results.

Yikes, December is nearly half way through. I have experienced and coped well ( with a few zzzzz's) during my very first 2 night shifts at work. It was very considerate of people to stay away from the hospital on Friday night but they kind of made up for that Sat night. I always did find that Sat night on call was very busy.
I managed to do some photocopying of some quilting designs that I had previously drawn up and in my breaks wrote out some christmas cards etc.
I did manage to catch up a lot of work leftover from the day shifts due to the ever present computer system slowness.
Unfortunately not much sewing has happened. I have finished the 5 foundation patterns for the poppies pattern. I now have to do the applique and I have not taken a photo of them yet.
I had some bad news on my car today. A second wheel was damaged when I was forced off to the edge of the road so now I have decided to get 4 new alloy wheels ( not genuine VW) though.
I will definately be following up my claim to the Main Roads Dept through my local parliamentary member. The road is still unrepaired. A mob of lazy people if you ask me.
Hope to be doing some more sewing in the next few days. I finished a lot of Christmas shopping today. I have also spent time at the other farm where I am trying to remove the last vestiges of paint from the verandah posts so I can of course cover them up again.