Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Endings

Spring is nearly here and the cleaning has been happening at my house. I have been sorting through years of accumulated junk and culling out stuff. I have 4 boxes of fabric and magazines to be looked through by other quilters next patchwork day. Some of the magazines will probably find a new home at our new venue.

3 car trips to the dump in 5 days is a pretty good achievement for this hoarder.

If we end up shifting house I want to be able to just pack everything without sitting there thinking do I really need this item anymore. The problem is I still have 4 storage areas of the house to sift through.

I can't believe how organised I am as I have all current projects stored where I know exactly where they are. I am working on a small art quilt for an art exhibition competition in October so no pics of that.

I have also got things prepared for QCWA in January. It is just a case of waiting for the weeks to go by until school is finished for the youngest before I can really move.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monthly Report

Well, I'm back again for a short visit. I have been methodically basting and preparing my workshop quilts for quilting. I have managed to finish the quilting on 2 of them. Wow!.

Things are certainly getting stressful on the home front. Looks like we might be moving house to the other farm 200 kms away, but it depends on how negoitations proceed with the the other party involved. It would be good if the youngest child could finish her school education without the trauma of suddenly shifting house though. Plans are in hand for her to finish at her current school though.

I have also started planning the next Yeppoon Workshop for January 2010. I'm envious that the convenor has bought herself a machine quilting frame. I hope to visit her place for a few fun filled days when we get sorted out here.

The photo above is from a wokshop on twisted log cabin from a while ago. I had unsuitable fabrics according to the tutor so ended up reversing every second block. I must try to take better photoes. The lighting seems to be washing out the quilt.