Monday, May 18, 2009

Back Again Stranger

Looks like it's time to check in again. Lots has been happening in my world. Some sewing , some work and lots of family things. Some days are spent sewing and walking the dogs etc. Other days are frantic getting from place to place and meeting deadlines. The new car is now not so new( 7 months) and has clocked up 15000 kms averaging 4.7 litres diesel per 100 km so I am pretty pleased about that. Mind you I have not taken a photo of it yet. My camera is back from its trip to Sydney and Monto. I had resurrected another camera in the family and purchased a card reader. It certainly makes dealing with digital photos easier. Editing them is now on the learning curve agenda soon with photoshop when time permits.

I have sewn 2 kaleidoscope quilts and have been dyeing backings for my workshop quilts. I am off to Brisbane soon to teach another dyeing workshop. Then onto the Textile Festival at Southbank.
The photo above is a section of where I would like to explore next in my quilting world. A step on from strip insertion. First though I have to finish my kaleidoscopes. Now that my camera is back I plan to rephotograph all of my quilts as I thought I had saved a copy of that file to disc before my computer was reformatted in November but never did. I was talking to another quilter and she is wondering why do we lurch from one deadline to the next???? Are we the type of people that always have to be busy.