Saturday, April 4, 2009

Report of the Month

Well it looks like blogging is getting to be a monthly occurrence. I have been doing extra shifts for work so spare time has been limited. I have sewed 3 items from fabric purchased from our Toowoomba shopping trip. One is the quilt from bright large prints which I think I might try meander quilting then feathers on. I purchased a book from Suzanne Earley which looks very interesting. Oh for the uninterrupted time to start the project. I also finished an Amy Butler apron and oven mitts from the scraps. Am about to finish a Moonshine bag when I finally find a large button in my sewing containers somewhere.

I am looking forward to a day tomorrow when I can get past the housework, accounting work (BAS time again in Australia) and clear the cutting table and start slicing a second kaleidoscope quilt. I purchased the fabric in Kingaroy on our way home from Toowoomba. Then I may have set a record and actually used all of my purchases from a shopping trip.

I went to Brisbane for my father's medical appointment on Thursday and have never driven on a major highway in such torrential rain and I have to wonder about the driving sense of some people. I was glad to be driving away from the rain and not towards it. Noosa had something like 2o + inches in 5 hours. We arrived home to find once again we had missed out.
The photo of the quilt is of my Moonflowers quilt made a few years ago now. It is foundation pieced and machine quilted.