Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Notes

Aagh!!! February is nearly as bad as January and the rest of last year for achieving much sewing wise. I seem to have all of these things I'd like to do and something else impinges on my "spare time" preventing me from sewing.

The workshop went well and I hope I have inspired some ladies to break out of their traditional comfort zone and try some new techniques. I have literally done no creative sewing since. I went to my patchwork day last week and did the clothes patching for the 2 men in my life. Now that my son is the same size as his father , they wear each others work clothes and fight over the newer items. The mending pile had been growing so to ease my conscience I decided to do that job, so next week I hope for some creative sewing.
The quilt pictured is one I made 12 years ago using a bias strip applique method.
I have also been asked to pick up one extra shift for work each week during March. That might help with the car payments but cuts my recreation time. Oh for a good balance of things in life.