Monday, January 12, 2009

January Notes

This photo is Hot Green Mosiac, a quilt using all hand dyed fabric in geens. I had lots of greens left over from another class kits so I have used them up here. It is not quilted yet.
This class is for traditional quilters starting to work in a contemporary manner.
The QCWA class is nearly here. I have finally prepared all my sewing pieces and patterns that I have time for. I have also dyed 15m homespun for participants to purchase to augment their own supplies.

As always I have a few people who cannot understand their requirements. Mind you I left out two small letters OR in the list and that meant a huge difference to some people.

Never mind. All I have to do now is print patterns after PDF conversion and I will load them all onto a CD for purchase as they will only use 1 per session that is included in their class fee.
I wish the days would slow a bit.