Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Rolls On ( or does it)

Well I'm back after a short break. The 21st quilt was well received at the party. She even admitted that she knew she was getting a quilt. Unfortunately the good photo I took of it before hand was deleted off the camera and I have not taken another photo yet.
This is the centre panel which I think I have shown before. I promise a photo of the whole quilt when it comes home again.

I have started planning the contemporary workshop for January 2009 for the QCWA ladies. At patchwork in Mt Perry last Friday one lady commented about making a quilted tablecloth for her outside table so the wind does not blow it around. So my table runner workshop will also involve tablecloths using hand dyed fabrics and changing traditional blocks to a more contemporary version. I love the new book Skinny Quilts and Table Runners as it has the work of several different quilters in it.

I have even started planning my applique banner for the street of Gin Gin and the hockey finals have been and gone for another 5 months so maybe some housework and sewing can be done.

I had a distressing weekend at work for 3 nights. 3 trauma cases in one evening ending up with the deaths of 2 young teenagers casts a shadow over a hospital. Plus there seems to be more medical emergencies than ever in Bundaberg. It has taken me 2 days to get over 2 15 hr stints and 1 normal late shift. I arrived home at 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Yesterday I managed to work on a small table runner of floral scraps for the Mt Perry Quilters girls night in on October 3rd. This is a fundraiser and information evening for cancer and we are raffling our log cabin quilt. I was amazed at how pieces seem to jump out of my stash and work together nicely.
So yes life is busy, but I think we should be thankful for that. It is distressing as a parent to know there are now 2 families doing it very tough as a result of an accident.

I'll leave you with a pic of another small outback quilt. It always lifts my spirits to see lots of colour.