Friday, July 25, 2008


Hand quilting the must be finished by August 30 project. It is coming along slowly. I had to purchase more thread in case I ran out. That is my excuse anyway. Online shopping is great for remote people. Actually faster than me purchasing some threads in Australia.

Here are two photoes of the work so far. I decided to cross hatch the quilt by hand due to the large size of the applique shapes. If I did machine mctavishing it would pull the background to the back too much and make the large shapes stand out too much creating a very puffy shape.

This is a completed block. There are 12 of these plus a centre panel ( the size of 4 blocks)

This one is the second last block to be done. The needle is inserted above the bow. I hope to finish all the blocks by Friday night. I should be doing that now instead of this but what the heck. Next week I will start the borders. I cannot work on it while the receiver of this quilt is home and as she turns up every weekend it has posed problems in finishing it. I'm sure she thinks Mum has been doing no housework at all during the week and does odd things when she is home.

I just hope she likes it. She already has a pink cotton and organza doona cover on her bed for winter and I'm sure she can use this for summer.

Must go

Happy Quilting