Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where have I Been?

A lousy question, nowhere except to work , home and patchwork once. Between all of that, creativity feels like a dead duck at this place. I have been struggling to keep awake, 9 days of full time work took a huge effort to stay focused on the tasks at hand. There has to be a better system of providing health care to people than expecting people to work flat out for up to 16hrs a day and still be able to work accurately and quickly. More time for resting in between shifts should be the way to go. I'm pleased I only work part time normally and do not have to show up every day for extended periods.
I have been working on my contemporary blocks to the stage where they are hanging on my poor design wall ( a sheet hanging on the bookshelf) and being looked at every now and then for possible changes. I have also gone back to revisit a shadow applique project for a very special reason. More later as the project grows.